A global matching platform for buyers, investors, and sellers in the recruitment and staffing industry.

Get to Know Us

Recruitment Transactions International is the first of its kind at a global scale, with on-the-ground, first-hand knowledge of buyers, sellers, timelines, markets, and service lines.

As partners with Recruitment Entrepreneur International and Oconic, we effectively leverage off the huge amounts of information that flow through our global networks.

How we create value

We offer strategic advice and support to help acquisitive clients and Private Equity (PE) businesses understand available market and sector options. Equally, we support and nurture recruitment businesses preparing for exit, connecting them with potential investors in their sector.

Through our global network and sector knowledge, we conduct in-depth research to gain insider knowledge of the nuances of noteworthy transactions happening in the industry.

Actionable Insights

Our proprietary research, commentary and analyses offer insider knowledge and insight into the inner world of buyers, investors and sellers in the recruitment and staffing industry.