Ep 8 – Jeff Kaye on Building a Game-Changing Investment Ecosystem for Recruiters

What does a textbook, perfect post-merger integration of a recruitment & staffing business look like? Jeff Kaye, Managing Director at Starfish Partners, who may just have the perfect case study. For our 8th podcast, RTI Managing Partner speaks with Jeff about building a comprehensive investment ecosystem that can change the way recruitment firms scale and create value for exits.

Jeff draws on his vast experience as a recruiter, entrepreneur, and investor who has spent over three decades building businesses and investing in the recruitment industry, including his involvement with K Bassman, the largest single-site search business in the US, and Next Level Exchange, a recruiting training and consulting organization. He also discusses the growth of Sanford Rose Associates, a franchise he acquired in 2012, and his current role as Managing Director at Starfish Partners.

Starfish Partners, an international investment and ownership platform for niched professional and mid-to-upper management search specialists, provides capital for recruiting firms looking to scale as well as exit strategies for owners seeking to secure value for their firm in cash and/or stock.

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Ep 7 – Lugera’s Gerard Koolen: Meet the Maverick of Recruitment M&As

Recruitment Transactions International is the first global matching platform for buyers, investors, and sellers in the recruitment and staffing industry. Our seventh podcast comes out of the left field as RTI Managing Partner Simon Childs talks shop with the enigmatic entrepreneur, Gerard Koolen, Group Managing Partner of Lugera. In this episode, Gerard shares his experiences as an entrepreneur who has built a powerhouse portfolio of brands in a challenging region that includes Russia and Ukraine.

Gerard co-founded Lugera in 1996 in Trencin, Slovakia. The idea was to build a great staffing agency and help as many people as possible with better jobs. The company now has more than 400 employees across 33 offices in 11 countries. In addition to Ukraine, it is in the United Kingdom, Armenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark in the Netherlands, Romania, Morocco, and Slovakia. In 2014, as part of the international expansion of Lugera, it acquired GIT in the Czech Republic, and at the end of 2016, Adecco Ukraine and Adecco Russia. In 2019, Adecco Morocco also joined the Lugera family.

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Ep 6 – Enter the Dragon’s Den: Inside the Amazing World of Recruitment M&A Legend James Caan

Recruitment Transactions International is the first global matching platform for buyers, investors and sellers in the recruitment and staffing industry. For our sixth podcast and first for 2023, RTI Managing Partner Simon Childs speaks with former Dragon’s Den ‘Dragon’ James Caan on what worked, what could have been done differently through his legendary career in recruitment, staffing and outsourcing. He offers unique insights into the world of recruitment M&As from his vast experience as a founder, seller, buyer and investor.

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